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Segress has been developing various businesses relating to DEGITAL ROAD NETWORK DATABASE that integrates IT techniques and social traffic infrastructures.

Today's traffic network not only with road network but also with railways, airways and seaways is so wide and sophisticated that qualified Information technology is necessary to support it. Segress is making, supporting and changing these techniques.

With the evolution of IT and Internet, Information and communication network has realized. Segress challengingly utilizes and promotes these network and provides various kinds of services to you.

Segress also regards human network as an important issue.
Communication is one of the most essential tools for business. This means communicating with many people is the ultimate style of the network.

Furthermore, Segress is promoting global network with foreign companies along with the recent business globalization. With our global network Segress has been developing, we will continue to try to develop our global business.

We will be most grateful if our customers continue their invaluable support and cooperation.

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Business Strategies

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Specialized in Routing, Digital map, Navigation, and GIS, we have been developing digital map and it related techniques for over fifteen years. They have been used for Car Navigation System, Mobile phone, Internet site, PC, and other portable devices and we have been researching developing and embedding them.
Moreover, we have provided B to B based GIS,Geographic Information System, to various large companies and governmental agencies as well as consumers. Especially, we have invested highly integrated techniques such as route calculation, map matching, and Genetic Algorithm.

Compact, smart and flexible management system

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Segress intensively possesses high-performance human resources. We don't think possessing many people or enlarging is the best way for business.
We believe smartness will make a flexible management.

Searching for speedy outputs

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Speed is the most important key word for current business and Segress regards it as an essential part of our strategy.
Developing software takes a lot of time and works to improve and maintain its quality. However, we challenge to make an speedy output with our knowledge, experiences. We also think that close communication with our clients is necessary to realize it.

About Our Businesses

We develop and integrate computer systems intensively with technologies such as Digital map and road network. We widely do designing systems, system engineering, system consulting, and system testing.
In addition to system related business, we develop and promote package software, consult intellectual property rights, intermediate off-shore outsourcing, and research new technologies. They are guaranteed by our knowledge and experience in digital map field.

Navigation Business

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We are developing many kind of navigation software to various platforms such as Car Navigation System, Mobile Phone, Portable Game Devices, Personal Navigation devices. We mainly develop Route Calculation, Map Matching, and GPS.

Digital Map Database Business

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We are providing authoring systems to convert Map Database to other formats. These systems are used to convert original database to the devices such as Car Navigation Systems.

GIS Business

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With GIS, Geographic Information System, we are developing map based business systems that are used to manage locations of interests. For example, we developed a system that can manage and show road constructions on digital map that was easily seen by users.

Package Software Business

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We have Route Calculation Software package. Also, we have a package software that can show the current traffic jam on the digital map.
Other kinds of software are now being developed now.

Factory Automation Business

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Sometimes, we develop Factory Automation system that controls assemble lines in the factory. "Kanban Method" is one of the most popular assemble method in Japan and we made software that control printing "Kanban".Our IT techniques are used in Japanese manufacturers.

Global Outsourcing Business

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We are seeking for global outsourcing business partners who are interested in digital map. We are also interested in outstanding engineers in rapidly developing IT intensive countries such as India and Vietnam.

Optimization Logic Researching Business

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Genetic Algorithm is one of our strongest fields. This can be used to optimize Routing or Assigning. We regard this as a researching business because this can generate a new software.
We are researching many kinds of software techniques that can make and change our navigation technology.

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  • 地理情報システム(GIS)の開発
  • デジタル地図、経路計算関連のエンジン開発
  • コンシューマ向け商品の開発
  • FAシステム、その他

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